Note to McCain: Uncommitted Ohio Voters Just Aren't Into Nuclear Power

If you don't watch the debates on CNN, you are really missing something. CNN has set up a dial group of uncommitted Ohio voters. At the bottom of the screen CNN then shows the graph of the reaction by men and women as they rate statements they like or don't like.

McCain seems to think his strong support of nuclear power is a big political winner for him, since he has brought it up three times in the first hour. But every time he talks about nuclear, he flatlines with both men and women. They simply are unenthused about nuclear power, which is no surprise.

At best, people consider nuclear power as Castor oil, something your parents made you take that is supposed to be good for you. At worst, people think it's a source of radioactivity they'd like to stay far away from.

Frankly, McCain has been flatlining for most of the debate, which I suspect post-debate audience polls will reflect.