Note to the Republican Candidates Who Don't Make the Initial Top 10! Here Is an Idea!

I just read in the New York Times about Fox News Channel's Republican debate rule:

"The sprawling field of Republican presidential hopefuls will be abruptly winnowed down to as few as 10 -- at least for debating purposes -- when the first presidential debate is held in early August, Fox News, the debate sponsor, said Wednesday."

To be eligible you must be in the top 10? My thought? Since I often root for the underdog (whether it be football or politics or party etc!) -- those who don't make the top 10 list are welcome to debate on ON THE RECORD at 7pm. We could even do it that same night! :)

PS: I would love to skip the campaign season and go right to the debates. I hate the negative ads which only serves to trash people. The debates are a chance to compare and contrast and the candidates can't hide behind the ads which they blame on others.

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