Note to White House Correspondents Association That Wants More White House Correspondents at Its Dinner

I read this article ("White House Correspondents' Association Wants More White House Correspondents At Dinner") and thought I should respond (yes, I brought Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to the dinner years ago and many other big celebrities. It was such a big deal that all these years later, new articles are still written about it.) I appreciate the WHCA sentiment -- that more White House Correspondents go to the dinner -- but are any left out? Who of the White House correspondents is not eligible to buy a ticket?

A few things are worth noting:

First, 100% of Fox News Channel's White House correspondents are invited and attend the dinner. You can't do more than 100%.

Second, this dinner is a charity event to raise money for scholarships and the White House Correspondents Association. If Fox limits itself to sending only its three White House Correspondents, we are only buying three seats -- not even a table! The same is true of CNN and other news organizations (some print publications probably only have one White House Correspondent so that would mean one seat -- not even a table.)

The WHCA makes more money for its scholarships when news organizations buy lots of seats, lots of tables. In recent years, as there have been network and print news organization cutbacks, I have been told networks are buying fewer tables. That hurts. You can't raise money if tables are not sold.

Third, to the extent high profile guest are invited, more people may be tempted to buy seats and tables. It also puts the charity night "on the map," which for charity organizations is important. You might notice that high profile people often get awards from organizations when others not so known and who do lots of heavy lifting and who are very deserving do not. There is a reason. Charities are trying to raise money. I have been offered awards from organizations but only if I can headline the lunch or dinner. I understand what is going on and I like to help good causes. I know why I get offered awards when others are more deserving but I hope my high profile on Fox News helps raise money.

Finally... you have seen the daily White House Briefings on TV. How many are in the room? My estimate? Less than 100 are there. So if the dinner does not include the thousands of "add ons," buying all those tables for thousands and is limited to just those in the WH Daily Press briefing room... do you think the WHCA could afford even one scholarship?