Notes On President-Elect Trump's News Conference

(Jan 11, 2017) - President-elect held a news conference at Trump Tower in New York. He was accompanied by his daughter Ivanka, and sons Don Jr. and Eric.

During the intro:

- A spokesman began by dismissing the recent Buzzfeed report regarding a relationship between Russia and Mr. Trump.

- VP-Elect Mike Pence was introduced and made some brief comments about the transition process. He also admonished the press for irresponsible reporting, before introducing Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump's topics included:

- Complimented those news organizations who refuted the Buzzfeed story.

- Companies - Fiat Chrysler building a new factory, Ford changing plans for opening a plant in Mexico.

- Trump claimed the country needs to re-evaluate our bidding process, particularly in the military, including such things as the F-35 and F-18.

- He discussed the spirit of optimism in the country regarding jobs and the economy.

- Commented on how the VA needs to be fixed.

Questions asked...

- Intelligence briefing - did he agree with the summary? He cannot divulge sensitive intelligence. Called it, "Fake news, phony stuff." "The DNC was totally open to be hacked." The Republicans had better protection.

- Did Putin hack to help Trump get elected? Trump said the two countries should get along, but if we need to criticize, we will.

- Trump says you have to be careful what you say and do when you travel; cameras are everywhere.

- Trump insists he has no business dealings or loans with Russia.

- Trump says he was recently offered a $2B contract with a developer in Dubai. He said, No, as it could be construed as a conflict of interest.

- Although he could easily run the Trump organization, even as President, he didn't think it would be appropriate. His sons will run his company. An attorney from Morgan, Lewis & Bockius was asked to comment; Trump is recusing himself from the Trump Organization. He wants the company to be beyond reproach. Ivanka is moving to Washington, DC. A trust agreement has been devised to suspend business deals, thereby avoiding conflicts of interest. Trump created a new position in the Trump organization with the title of "Chief Compliance Council" to monitor and assure no conflicts of interest. She explained why it wasn't necessary to sell the company, to devise a Blind Trust, or making it a public corporation.

- What do you say by your critics regarding the possible conflict of interest with your appointments? Trump didn't see it. "I think we have one of the greatest cabinets, ever." He claimed his appointments are smart and successful.

- Obamacare; what timeline do you have? Let it implode in 2017. Will shortly introduce a new plan to repeal and replace, simultaneously.

- What is your timeline on The Wall? Trump wants to get started soon, and Mexico will pay for it, either by contributions or by tax.

- What is your Supreme Court candidate timeline? Trump has met with different people. He'll be proposing a candidate approximately two weeks after the inauguration.

- Several important signings (executive orders) will be made during the first week.

- The press asked about his use of the term "Nazi Germany" regarding intelligence reports being leaked. Trump thought it was disgusting.

- Asked about "Fake News" - Trump said too many organizations have irresponsible reporters. He cannot believe intelligence reports are being illegally leaked to the public.

Trump concluded the conference by explaining the folders on the desk next to the podium contained the paperwork for recusing himself from the Trump organization.

The conference ran for just over one hour.

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