Nothing Great Happens Until You Expect It

How many times do we check the mail for that package or even an income tax check? Each day that goes by, we wait and look forward to the delivery. That's expectation. When you expect something there is hope.

Expectation can and should be applied to every facet of our lives. You go on a job interview and expect to get a call back. You submit a bid for a house an expect for it to be accepted. Expectancy can turn a situation that may cause anxiety into a hopeful situation. How many times has someone said "oh I knew this would happen?" For better or worse that person had an expectation. Whether it's good or bad whatever the expectation is will shape how we view the result. Sometimes your hope for the outcome guides the result. Think about that for a second. Have you ever expected something bad to happen, and it did?

We all have expectations. It just a matter of what your expecting. When a woman is pregnant we say she is "expecting." She is expecting to give birth to a healthy human being. The expectation is that the birth will give life to someone who will become a productive member of society.

For me, I always expect to get a call back when I make a call or leave a message. I expect to have a positive experience in pretty much everything I do... even if the results aren't positive. So how do you expect something positive and deal when you don't get it? That happens, I always out myself in a positive mindset. I remember that expectant people fail and get up and try again -- because they expect to win. If they're not winning then they keep trying. Expectant people are successful people in most things that they do.

I know some people who have a philosophy not to expect anything.

The problem with lowered expectations is you lose a standard. When you do something, thinking of the best possible outcome should be the expectation. That should be the standard. Lower expectations, lower standards. Higher expectation; higher standards.

What kind of life do you have with a lowered expectation? A mediocre one at best. Who goes to college and says, "Well if I graduate I do, but if I don't that's fine." How successful are those people? Not very successful. Success comes from an expectation of success. I am so tired of those dating conversations: "I can't expect anything from him or her." My question is why are you dating? Dating or doing anything with no expectation is a set up for absolutely nothing. Many people tell me they date with the intent to marry. Those people tend to be successful. They set an expectation in the beginning while dating.

We all need to ask ourselves the very real question of what do we expect? I expect great things and always will. Even when not so great things happen, I can look beyond them. I expect the best is yet to come.