Nothing To See Here, Just Taylor Swift Randomly Surprising A Superfan

It’s safe to say she was NOT ready for it.

You know a new album is about to drop when Taylor Swift starts randomly showing on her biggest fans’ doorsteps. 

After lurking hard on social media for the last week, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer decided to kick it up a notch by stopping by U.K. superfan Lara’s home completely unannounced. 

It all started when Swift joined the young fan’s livestream last week, obviously sending her into an emotional tailspin.

“Oh, my God. I love you so much! Oh, my god,” Lara exclaims on the livestream through the tears. “I have to say thank you for everything, you’ve actually made my life so much better.”

That was just the beginning, of course, because soon after Lara received a message from the singer’s official fan site that a package filled with Swift goodies was on its way. Little did she know that Swift herself was the one delivering it. 

The pop star, who is apparently hiding out in the U.K. until her album release, surprised Lara with an impromptu meet-and-greet in her home.

“This blond goddess stepped out of the car and they walked up to my door and knocked on it,” a breathless Lara recalled. “I’ve just met the woman who made the biggest impact on my life.”

The fan shared some of the Swift merch she received, as well as a few snaps with the singer, on Instagram.

In case you want to freak out in the privacy of your own home, Swift’s latest album, “Reputation,” arrives Nov. 10. 



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