Nothing to Sneeze At: 12 Easy Ways to Combat Spring Allergies

For all of the wonderful things that come with spring - the sun, the spring cleaning, the flowers, the romance and the singing birds - there is one thing that none of us get very excited about. Allergies! Every spring, as the trees begin to bloom, clouds of pollen are released into the air and the annual chorus of sniffling and sneezing begins.

Of course, those of us with allergies can always stay inside, close the windows and sit in front of an air purifier, but who wants to be trapped inside when everything is coming back to life outside? For most of us, a few simple tricks and clever practices are all it takes to prevent, or at least reduce, the symptoms of our allergic reactions.

For example, did you know that the hair products you use could make your allergies worse? Were you aware that certain types of clothing can actually attract pollen? And who would have guessed that peppermint tea can clear up congestion and reduce inflammation?

We found twelve easy ways to combat those spring allergies, so take a look and see if a few of these tips may help to make your spring season a little less stuffy and a lot more beautiful.



12 Creative Ways to Fight Spring Allergies