'Nothing We Can Do To Prevent These,' Says Man About Shooting Until He Learns The Shooter Was Muslim.

"It's tragic. Absolutely tragic," said one man after yet another deadly shooting occurred in the United States. "My heart breaks for those affected, it really does. It just seems like there's nothing we can do to stop this, and nothing we can do to prevent this."

When pressed for details, the man -- a middle-class resident of a nearby suburb -- detailed America's powerlessness over these violent attacks, noting that bad people do bad things and there is nothing we can do to predict or stop these individuals.

Upon learning the shooter was Muslim, the suburban resident threw his arms up in disgust.

"Are you kidding me?" the man responded. "This is unacceptable! We can't just sit here, letting this happen to our people! People are DYING! We have to do something!"

The man wasted no time offering suggestions when asked for potential resolutions to the problem.

"We need tighter security laws, that's for starters!" he said. "We are so lax about who can walk our streets. Just about anyone can do it! And what about that idea Trump had, about creating a registry of Muslim people? I like that. Maybe we can start doing universal background checks on anyone who enters a Mosque, just to make sure they don't have a criminal history or nothing. We need to keep an eye on these people!

"I know these ideas aren't perfect, but I won't sit back as more and more innocent American lives are destroyed!"

When asked to comment on an incident from the day before the mass shooting, where a young musician was shot and killed by a deranged fan, the man shrugged his shoulders.

"Crazy people, they're out there. What can you do?"