Nothing Will Ever Be As Awkward As This Old Hilary Duff Disney Promo

ANGELA WEISS via Getty Images

Remember that weird half-mast lightsaber your favorite Disney Channel stars swung around in the early 2000s? Apparently it wasn’t a hypnotizing device to make you watch the “Even Stevens” musical for the third consecutive time.

In newly surfaced outtakes from the beloved episodic interludes, it’s clear that things were less magical in the land of Disney then they appeared to be. The wand is actually a green screen prop and the tween stars wielding such power look like they’d rather be doing just about anything else.

No, seriously. Has anyone seen Christy Carlson Romano in the last decade? Because if there is a Disney child star purgatory, it would definitely be Beans forcing you to smile and wave that wand for eternity.

Thanks to Twitter user @toulousevevo, we can now revel in the awkward tween glory of Hilary Duff and Raven-Symone reminding you that YOU’RE watching The Disney Channel over and over again until we just can’t cringe no more.


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