A girl joins demonstrators to protest outside of City Hall following the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of
A girl joins demonstrators to protest outside of City Hall following the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States in downtown Los Angeles, California November 10, 2016. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon

Yesterday, on my way to Israel, I stopped to visit the Anne Frank House along one of the western canals in Amsterdam. You can peer through the window, that was blacked out for the two years she and her family were hidden, towards one of the canals that traverse this beautiful city.

I had planned this visit months ago; it wasn't some maudlin return to a site of horror from the past century. It was relevant, however, since this lovely country was willing to allow over 100,000 of its citizens to be rounded up for execution. Hard to believe in a modern city, but the reality, nevertheless. Our new reality today.

I'm now getting beyond angry, beyond the reflexive anger I felt on Wednesday morning.

Mr. President, I don't need to hear from you that you want him to succeed. I know it's the polite thing to say, but it's the typical dissembling of Democratic politicians that turns people off. You don't have to steal the T keys on the keyboards, because childishness is foolish, but you need to realize that the main feeling today with the majority of voters in this country is #NotMyPresident.

This election is a rupture in American history (I know, I read too much sci-fi). Democrats must stop bending over pleading to be kicked, and they must start now -- not the day after the Inauguration, as the Republicans did to you -- in promoting their absolute refusal to work with or compromise with this Congress or administration. That is madness, and will be the end of this country.

I've been traveling, but I've heard both Wednesday's PBS NewsHour and yesterday's MSNBC morning show had unfiltered, unchallenged transphobia spewed out to the viewers. Why, after this week's disaster, do the "liberal" mainstream MSNBC and PBS continue to promote this garbage? Why are fascists given a platform?

Because humans are cowards, and they fall into line in lockstep so as not to lose out. Steve Bannon for Chief of Staff? A Nazi in the Oval Office? For God's sake, why? A failed governor and actor with sexual assault in his portfolio as Energy Secretary? Sure, he's so much more knowledgeable than a world-renowned physicist.

If the Democratic Party doesn't go into war mode than it will reap the whirlwind. Stop being polite. Fascists don't do polite. They might like puppies but they do not like you. Give no quarter, take no prisoners. Your constituents do not want nice. They want to obliterate the enemy that is destroying their country, and sending waves of fear and disgust through their homes.

Right now I don't care that the white working class is hurting, I really don't. Everything the Democratic party has done of significance for decades has been on their behalf -- Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, VAWA, pay equity, etc. -- who do you think benefits most from all that? They're ungrateful; they don't understand the simplest basics of civics. They are the poorly educated and Trump is one of them. We hurt their pride and now they want revenge. We need to return fire.

We ignored the elephant in the room for 40 years, and now it's coming home to roost (I'm too tired not to mix metaphors). We don't gain anything by giving away our dignity now; we owe no one any excuses. Oh, OK, I apologize for being an insensitive elitist. Feel better? I've spent my entire life with ignorant right-wing extremists clucking about my community being a bunch of perverted male sexual predators. I owe you nothing. Fix your own addictions and poor nutrition. Ya think Mr. Trump is going to help his darlin' "poorly educated"? Boy, are you in for a surprise. At least those ISIS sharia patrols won't be throwing any gay people off rooftops in LA any time soon!

My answer to a proffered hand, which I don't expect to get? No. And Senator Schumer, beware. You betrayed your colleagues on Iran. Try making nice with Mitch McConnell while you get kicked in the teeth and you'll hear from us. The Bernie Bros are still angry. They behaved badly, but when they start hurting they'll be taking it out on you.

And the American Jewish community leadership? You should be ashamed. You should all get on a plane and visit the Anne Frank House, because clearly your knowledge of recent history is succumbing to dementia.

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