How To Show Your Love For Ruth Bader Ginsburg All Week Long

If you want to let the world know how much you love Ruth Bader Ginsburg after the Supreme Court justice issued a scathing 35-page dissent of the court's recent Hobby Lobby decision, we have you covered.

Awesome T-shirt designs have quickly emerged on custom sites like Cafe Press and Teespring since Ginsburg's reaction to the Supreme Court ruling went viral Monday. We pulled out the most stylish swag paying tribute to the Notorious RBG, as some are calling her, so you can have next week's work wardrobe ready today.


rbg business

Monday's all about business, so show you mean business with the Notorious RBG death stare. "Keep religion and corporations out of women's reproductive rights, or else," the shirt seems to say.


rbg tuesday

Tuesday is lose day... if you're trying to mess with Notorious RBG, that is. Give corporate personhood a swift kick up the behind when wearing this tee.


rbg wednesday

The only person who makes purple look as good as the RBG is Prince himself.


rbg tank

Weekend's almost here. Time to rock a tank and show off your Notorious RBG tattoos.


rbg friday

TGIF and it's time to party. And by party we mean deliver sound, reasoned judgments that uphold the constitutional rights of Americans everywhere. We'll get back to you with weekend swag when we can.