The Case Of The Missing Wheelbarrow Is The Most Canadian Mystery Ever

It's a sign of just how polite Canadians are.

Oh, Canada. Keep doing you. 

Two photographs taken days apart from each other in rural Nova Scotia alighted Twitter this week, with users delighting in what they considered to be a comical display of quintessential Canadian politeness. 

CTV News reported Wednesday that TV producer Andrew Killawee was driving when he and his girlfriend spotted a big sign next to someone’s mailbox that with a simple request: “Bring back my wheelbarrow.” 

“We both saw and just went into gales of laughter and just had to take a picture,” Killawee said in an interview with BuzzFeed Canada.

So they snapped a picture, posted it to Facebook and went on their way.

Two days later, they noticed a new sign, which again, carried a simple message: “Thank you for bringing back my wheelbarrow.” 

Killawee snapped a picture of the second sign and posted it to Facebook with the comment, “I’m not even kidding....”

The photos really gained traction once they hit Twitter, raking up more than 18,000 retweets and 68,000 likes.



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