Novak Djokovic Buys Entire Supply Of Pule, The World's Most Expensive Cheese

If you were considering shelling out $500 for a pound of donkey cheese, we're sorry. The world's supply has dried up and Novak Djokovic is to blame.

Djokovic, the number-one ranked singles tennis player in the world, has purchased the entire global supply of Pule, a rare cheese produced from donkey milk that can cost over $500 per pound, ABC News reports.

Djokovic reportedly bought the annual output of Pule from the world's sole producer, a donkey farm 50 miles west of the Serbian capital Belgrade. Djokovic plans to use the white, crumbly cheese, which recently set the record for the world’s most expensive cheese, in a chain of restaurants he’s opening.

The Serbian farm also produces donkey soap and bottled donkey milk, which is said to contain 60 times more vitamin C than cow’s milk, according to the Daily Mail.

Cleopatra was rumored to have maintained her beauty by bathing in donkey’s milk, the British newspaper notes.

To make Pule, farmers must milk donkeys by hand up to three times a day.

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