November 8th Matters

With the upcoming election right around the corner, I've heard the words "I hate both of them. I'm just not going to vote" a little too often. I get it, this election is like no other and certainly does not compare to many in the past. However, that does not give you the excuse to give up your right as a citizen and avoid voting as a whole.

Regardless of your opinions on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, one of them will be the next president. It may seem like the best alternative to write in another nominee, vote independent, or just not vote at all, but come November 8th Trump or Clinton will be our next presidential winner.

For those of you who think not voting is the way to go, here are some reasons why I would like to beg to differ:

1. Either Trump or Clinton is going to be president regardless if you like them:

The thing about this election is that people either love or hate the candidates. With that being said, if they love one candidate, they absolutely despise the other. I get it, I'm in the same boat as all of you.

Well, for all of you who say that just because you hate both candidates, you just won't vote -- I really hate to break it to you, but just because you personally hate them, it doesn't mean they won't be in the White House. I promise you, come November 8th either Trump or Clinton is going to be named the next president of the United States, regardless if you vote. The only thing that staying home and not voting will do is not allow you to take advantage of one of your rights.

2. It's our right:

That's the next thing, you have the ability to have your say and presidential choice make a difference in this election, take advantage of that. Not everyone has this right, especially in other countries. We are lucky that if you are over the age of 18, you get to cast your ballot and voice your choice in the next president. That's a HUGE DEAL for all of you who don't think so. Don't waste that.

3. Especially for women:

Okay now ladies...this especially applies to you. I don't think I need to be the one to tell you that it is incredible and an honor that we get to vote. For starters, it hasn't always been that way and second, it still isn't for some women. I knew since I was a little girl how important it is and how much my vote matters, you should know that too.

4. You can't complain about the results if you don't vote:

Everyone knows this is true. The day after the election there are going to be SO many people who complain about the results. Obviously it makes sense if they voted and their preferred candidate lost; what doesn't make sense is those who didn't vote think they can walk around complaining. Please just don't be that person for the sake of everyone's sanity.

5. It's your future:

When you're younger, you don't pay too much attention to the elections because to be honest, you can get away with it. That's not only because you won't be able to vote, but also because to be honest you don't think it really effects you. You don't have to pay taxes, you don't care too much about healthcare because you're on your parents, and overall laws aren't something you fuss about. However, that all changes as you get older. Eventually, we don't have a choice, even if we don't want to we have to care about these issues. Your future depends on the next president of the United States of America. If you can wrap your mind around that thought, there is absolutely no reason you should not vote.

Even if you just think you're just a number, your vote matters. Even if you "don't care about the election", your vote matters. On November 8th, YOUR VOTE MATTERS.