Novo Nordisk CEO on Obamacare: "Get on with it"

The CEO of one of the world's largest health industry companies spent a few days in Cleveland this week. He had a simple message for US lawmakers when it comes to the Affordable Care Act: "Get on with it."

At around 47 minutes in to the forum at The City Club of Cleveland, Lars Rebien Sorensen, CEO of the world's largest supplier of insulin offers his view of the US version of healthcare reform. It may be his cultural upbringing, he says, but "to me, it's inconceivable; it's not dignified not to have people covered by basic health services."

Sure, Novo Nordisk is a Danish company and they've got socialized medicine in Denmark. Keep listening for another few minutes, and he'll explain why he believes Denmark's austerity was a actually a good thing.

Sorensen was in Cleveland for the Cleveland Clinic's annual Innovation Summit, where he also spoke.