Now You Can 'Send Congress Your Uterus'

Let legislators know that you don't appreciate being told what to do with your body.

If you're displeased with how an elected official is voting on reproductive rights issues, you can send them a postcard with a uterus on it.

Frustrated with politicians who are voting to restrict abortion access, startup colleagues Alexa Natanson and Chelsea Kent launched Send Congress Your Uterus last week. For $3.50, the online service will send one of three postcards to a congressperson who has voted against abortion access. Each postcard reads:

"Dear Congress member, You're receiving this because your voting patterns have demonstrated to the women of these United States, that you believe you have a right to regulate our bodies. Enjoy the sentiment of this postcard."​ 

Natanson told The Huffington Post: "With the attacks on women's reproductive rights gaining steam... we wanted to create something that would allow people a simple way to voice their stance on the issue."

The website identifies 305 members of Congress who have voted against reproductive rights, for example by supporting measures that mandate waiting periods or require that abortions must take place in ambulatory surgical centers

"These postcards aren't saying 'I believe in a woman's right to choose,'" Natanson explained in an email to HuffPost. "These postcards are saying 'Are you kidding me? Where did you get the idea that we're nothing more than bodies for you to regulate? Did you think no one would notice that you're chipping away at our reproductive freedoms?'"

Learn more about Send Congress Your Uterus here

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post indicated that the site allows users to pick who they'd like to send their postcard to. The piece has been updated to reflect that that is not the case. 

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