Now You're Outraged?

Sure what Trump said to Billy Bush on the hot mic was reprehensible but no more so than the vast majority of what he’s spewed openly and unapologetically in nationally televised interviews and on the campaign trail in front of roaring crowds. And was this really some kind of revelation? Did anyone NOT think that Trump spoke this way? Is anyone shocked that he’d hit on a married woman? This, a man who impersonated a publicist, just to brag about himself.

The overwhelming majority of the Republican establishment stood by their man after he accused our nation’s first Black President of not being a citizen; they powered through him talking about his penis size during a Republican primary debate; and they let it slide when he refused to disavow white supremacist David Duke -- but PUSSY, now that’s beyond the pale.

John McCain supported Trump despite the fact that he essentially called him a loser for being captured, Ted Cruz endorsed him even though he intimated that his father was involved in JFK’s assassination and Ben Carson pledged his support after Trump compared him to a child molester. And then there are his ‘ride or dies’, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani. Talk about being grabbed by the pussy.

But in the wake of BillyBushgate, Hugh Hewitt, Carly Fiorina John McCaine, Condoleeza Rice, Rob Portman, John Huntsman and throngs of other Johns have withdrawn their support for Trump. And after Mike Pence’s fortuitously timed, (comparatively) solid debate performance, several others including Mike Lee, John Thune and Dennis Daugaard are now calling for Trump to step down in favor of his anti-abortion, religious freedom crusading running mate.

They want credit for condemning this maniac in the eleventh hour, now that it’s become clear that the SS Trump is sinking. They’re not morally outraged. They’re just rats jumping ship, hoping to remove the Donald Trump stink from their navy blue suits before it’s too late. He’s going down in flames and now they want to burn their Trump cards along with him.

Try as you will, but we will not forget how you stood by and allowed this cancer to metastasize. Even those who simply remained silent in the face of this menace, should be held accountable. You chose party first but now the party is over and you want us to believe that you called the cops, when you actually bought the keg and posted the invitation on social media. You can’t deny it. We have you on tape.