My Story -- Part 2: Miracle Meets Tragedy

Nozi Samela's journey as an HIV-positive mother embodies the heroic stories that mothers2mothers (m2m) hears every day -- the stories of pregnant women and new mothers diagnosed with HIV who must overcome the stigma of HIV and the scorn of their families to seek the medical treatment that is critical to preventing transmission of HIV to their babies and keeping themselves alive.

This holiday season, Nozi shares her story in three video blogs. In the first blog, Nozi talked about how she was diagnosed HIV-positive when she was pregnant and thought it was a death sentence for her and her baby. With the information and support she received from m2m Mentor Mothers, she was able to prevent transmission of the virus to her child and give birth to a healthy baby boy.

Nozi's joy suddenly turned to heartbreak when, at age three, her son was killed in a car accident. Nozi talks about how she found hope for the future again in her second blog of this three-part series.