NPR Zombie Spoof: 'Wait Wait Don't Eat Me!'

If you ever found yourself wondering what Chicago Public Radio's popular quiz show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" would sound like during a zombie attack, now you can find out. Someone actually drafted a script of the show under zombie rule--and it's pretty much pitch-perfect. Here's a brief excerpt:

PETER: Thanks, Carl! Hello, everyone! We're going to be cutting our show a little short today, because, as you may have heard, there's an apocalypse happening! But we didn't let the election of Barack Obama stop us, and we're not going to let the zombie hordes stop us either. After the show today, myself, Carl, and the panelists will be taking our families to the secret underground NPR bunker, and no, you can't come. I bet you wish you'd donated more during that last pledge drive!

PAULA: Sure, rub it in.

MO: The mug with the NPR logo was just too appealing.

Thanks to Chicagoist for the story.

Check out the whole script here.