NRA Radio Host Compares Congressmen Staging Sit-In Over Gun Control To 'Criminals And Terrorists'

Say what?

A National Rifle Association radio host compared the lawmakers staging a sit-in at the House of Representatives over a gun control vote to "criminals and terrorists" on Wednesday.

Cam Edwards, host of the NRA's "Cam & Company," griped that the lawmakers were acting "in violation of House rules on photography" because they livestreamed the event after House Republicans cut off C-SPAN cameras.

Then, Edwards said:

"So in order to push legislation that the sponsors say would not have prevented the attacks in Orlando, Florida, they’re also going to flout the House rules. Kind of like, you know, criminals and terrorists flout the rules that we have in place right now and will continue to do so?"

See his full comments in the clip above, posted online by Media Matters.

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