Twitter Users Taunt NRA With 'Thoughts And Prayers' Amid Reports Of Financial Struggles

The gun lobby reportedly cut out free coffee at its headquarters as money runs tight.

The National Rifle Association is getting some “thoughts and prayers” amid a new report of financial struggles. 

The Trace, a nonprofit group that reports on gun violence, said the NRA has ditched free coffee and yanked water coolers at its Virginia headquarters due to a cash crunch.

The whole building was freaking out,” an unnamed source told the website. 

The news comes months after Rolling Stone reported the organization claimed its financial struggles were so dire it may soon “be unable to exist” due to an ongoing legal battle in New York. 

The Trace also noted that NRA revenue from membership dues fell by $35 million last year, leading to dues increases and less spending on the midterm elections.

On Twitter, however, critics weren’t exactly sympathetic, sending out mocking “thoughts and prayers.”   



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