NRA Releases Chuck Norris On Voters With 'Trigger The Vote' Ad (VIDEO)

The National Rifle Association is out with a new ad featuring a doughy, redneck stereotype named Randy, a geriatric "Blue Cougar" or "Blougar" named Louise, and most importantly, action movie star and pop culture legend Chuck Norris.

In the ad, Randy, the group leader, delivers a moving presentation to a congregation of like-minded, denim-loving individuals who seem to embody the "you'll pry my guns from my cold, dead hands" mentality.

After "grandma" Louise gives a particularly fiery explanation of what she'd do to someone who's trying to come take away her gun, the fun stops.

Chuck Norris comes through the door that he just kicked down to deliver a message:

"Folks, there's only one way to protect our rights," Norris says. "Register to vote."

Norris is actually an Honorary Chairman of the NRA's "Trigger The Vote" campaign, and has been involved in a variety of events put on as part of their get out the vote effort.

Watch the NRA's new ad: