Tell President Obama: Stop the NRA From Making Our Laws

Among the many dangerous bills that corporate lobbyists and the Tea Party are sending slithering through Congress is one supported by the NRA that not only flies in the face of states' rights to set their own local laws, but is a direct threat to public safety for millions of Americans across the nation.

We need to act now to stop it.

The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 822) would allow gun owners to carry a concealed firearm across state lines even if they weren't issued a permit by that state. That means Texas Governor Rick Perry could decide who can carry a concealed weapon in your state -- even if they have a criminal record that your state would consider a barrier to owning a gun.

This gun industry bill recently passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, with a little bit of Democratic help as well.

Americans of conscience who believe in protecting public safety should join us in asking President Obama to issue a veto threat to this ridiculous bill now, before it goes even further in Congress.

We have a petition, at, to send President Obama a strong message from regular Americans across the nation that we will not let the gun manufacturers make laws that benefit them at the risk of public safety.

Click here immediately to call on President Obama to veto H.R. 822 -- we can't let this bill go any further.

Hypocritically violating a traditional Republican/conservative value, H.R. 822 would have the federal government override state laws decided at the local level.

Many states, including New York and New Jersey, have sensible laws to limit access to concealed weapons permits to those who might jeopardize public safety.

But H.R. 822 would allow visitors carrying concealed weapons to ignore such laws as long as they have a permit issued in another state -- even if that state exercises little or no control over who may carry a concealed weapon.

States with sensible laws to restrict concealed weapons would be forced to accept the weakest standards in the nation - and their citizens would be forced to accept the deadly risk to public safety that would result if this bill becomes law.

As leading Congressional proponents of gun safety, we strongly oppose this bill and will work tirelessly to stop its passage. But we need your help. We ask that you join us today in urging President Obama to issue a veto threat and go on record immediately against this dangerous bill.

We deeply appreciate your standing with us in this important effort. Together, we can work to stop gun violence. Thank you very much for your support.

Frank Lautenberg is a Democratic Senator from New Jersey. Carolyn McCarthy is a Democratic Congresswoman representing New York's 4th District.