NSA Prism Powerpoint Slides Unsucked By Presentation Whiz Emiland De Cubber (PHOTOS)

Presentation Whiz Unsucks NSA Prism Powerpoint Slides

Amid all of the discussion prompted by bombshell Guardian and Washington Post reports on the NSA's PRISM internet surveillance program, there has been one resounding point of agreement: The presentation that was supposed explain the whole operation was truly heinous.

While some may have found cold comfort in the presentation (perhaps hoping that everyone in charge of snooping into their data is as incompetent as the clip-art wizard behind those slides), others were outright offended at the artlessness of the Powerpoint monstrosity.

Presentation designer Emiland De Cubber was so disturbed by the sight that he took a hacksaw to the whole thing, giving the NSA a free redesign of the controversial slides. He posted his version of the presentation to SlideShare on Tuesday.

De Cubber's version, along with a message to the NSA and its original version:

Other enterprising visual presentation specialists have jumped on the opportunity to prove the true extent of the NSA's Powerpoint suckiness. Click over to Gizmodo for more renditions of the slides.

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