San Francisco

NSA Song, 'Tinfoil In Every Hat (Hey Hey, NSA),' Protests Government Spying (AUDIO)

Every major national scandal has its creative protest. And with his song "Tinfoil in Every Hat (Hey Hey, NSA)," San Francisco musician Brooks Rocco has provided just that.

Frustrated over recent revelations that the National Security Agency has been spying on U.S. citizens, Rocco reportedly wrote, performed and recorded the entire song himself in one night.

"After yesterday's [revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden], I went out for a bike ride and started singing into the wind," Rocco told The Huffington Post. "It was a sunny day, not a drone in the sky, and all of the sudden a lyric popped into my head. 'Hey hey, NSA,' I sang, hoping they might hear me. At the time, I wasn't plugged into any PRISMs or anything so I had to bring the song home and record it."

Rocco then spent the next six hours creating the song, and posted it to his Facebook page. After posting, Rocco reportedly received a message from a friend posted in Gamberi, Afghanistan.

"My friend said that they were all rocking out to it there, under 140-degree heat," he told HuffPost. "Probably the hottest/coolest thing I've ever heard."

Read the lyrics of "Tinfoil in Every Hat (Hey hey NSA)" below, and listen to the song in the clip above:

Hey, hey, hey, NSA.

Got something to tell you, and you know I'm gonna say.

You're snooping through my emails, you've got my SMS.

I'm sure you even know if I'm asleep or having sex.

Hey, hey, hey, NSA.
We caught you red handed, in your little power play.
You're snooping through the data of society at large.
So when you've got the guy you want you'll justify your charge.

Hey, hey, hey, NSA.
We're heard your directives, and it's time you back away.
You're peering through a prism, and siphoning the cloud.
You're sucking off the tap, and now you're snowden with no plow.
I said hey, hey, hey, NSA.
Not today.