Nude Artist's Model Zoe West Files Suit Against New York City For Violating Civil Rights (VIDEO)

Last August, nude model Zoe West stripped down in Times Square, but it was all in the name of art. West, who was 21 at the time, was painted from head to toe by artist Andy Golub, known for painting naked ladies in public places. For years Golub has preferred his canvases in the buff, his models not only exposing themselves to the public but to law enforcement as well. After shedding her undies on the corner of 44th and Broadway, West was arrested and held in jail for a couple of hours before being released.

Now the artist's model is planning to stand up for her birthday suit by dropping a lawsuit on the city of New York for violating her civil rights. Her lawyer Ron Kirby told The New York Post “It is not illegal to be naked in New York as long as you are doing it for the purpose of a play, exhibition, performance or show." Golub expressed his support for the legal action, which is set to happen today in front of the Manhattan federal courthouse. The artist himself was arrested last year for a similar incident, reports ARTINFO.

What do you think, readers? Do we have the right to drop trou in the name of creativity? Watch this video below below where, no big shocker here, citizens express a resounding "yes." If you need some more convincing, rumor has it that Golub is hosting another full body painting exhibition in Times Square on Thursday.