Wreck Beach, Vancouver's Famous Nude Beach, Seeks To Ban Peeping Toms

The Wreck Beach Preservation Society has compiled more than 2,500 signatures on a petition to ban noisy water craft and their Peeping Tom passengers from coming within 300 metres of the shore. Petitioners say that the party boats and jet skis "are polluting the area and ruining the ambiance of the secluded beach."

Wreck Beach was named one of the best nude beaches in North America by our nude recreation specialist, Tom Mulhall.

This summer, Mazo Beach, a nude beach in Wisconsin, faced public opposition over its nude status.

“We especially warn our Girl and Boy Scout groups,” Scott Teuber, a canoe and kayak rental company owner in Sauk City, told the New York Times. He "tells such customers to stay on the far side of the river when floating past the beach."

In spite of opposition at these two beaches, Mulhall makes the case for more nude beaches, as, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation, "statistics show that millions of Americans wish to visit nude beaches, it behooves the agencies managing public lands to recognize that nude use is like any other recreational use, and should be included in management plans."

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