Nude Beach Near Prince William & Kate Middleton's Home? (PHOTOS)

Prince William & Kate Middleton To Get Neighborhood Nude Beach?

Naturists in the U.K. are looking to get a beach near the Anglesley home of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge designated an official nudist site.

The areas of Newborough beach have attracted nudists for years -- it's even mentioned in guide books -- but now proponents are asking to make it an official spot, despite local opposition, the Daily Post reports.

An organization called British Naturism told the paper that the official status as a nude beach could bring more tourists to the area. A local councilman told the paper that he's in favor of making a strong decision, deciding to go full frontal or ban the nudity outright.

British Naturism commercial director Andrew Welch said, “In terms of the law, official recognition is not needed, but having this recognition would remove the doubt so people are aware it is a nudist beach.... This could also be good for the economy. What people forget is that naturists like other visitors come with money in their pockets to spend in local shops, restaurants and at beach car parks. We call it the buff-pound.”

Interestingly, the beach is just a few miles from where Prince William and the former Catherine Middleton make their home, according to the Telegraph. The area has also been home to numerous Hollywood shoots, including "Clash of the Titans."

A local landowner told The Telegraph: "I don't see any problem if it is kept under control. This is a beautiful area and we want people to enjoy it. But it's for everybody, not just for people who want to take their clothes off."

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