Nude Men Get Pin-Up Treatment In 1940s Towel Ad Series (PHOTOS)

It was a different time, indeed.

When you think of towels, what comes to mind? Luxurious baths? A day at the beach? Laundry day?

How about "Nude men frolicking amongst tiki huts, while mildly peeved-looking 'natives' stare?"

If you thought that, then you would've been an amazing creative director in the 1940s, when this towel ad was created. Our guess is that everyone missed their soldier love interests. Everyone. In Cannon Towels' "True Towel Tales" series, men get the pin-up treatment.

nude men towel ad
Photo via Retronaut

But wait, there's more...

cannon towel ad
Photo via Retronaut

cannon towels
Photo via Retronaut

Check out the full series on Retronaut.

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