Nude Mona Lisa-Like Painting Found (PHOTO)

Could Leonardo have painted a version of the iconic Mona Lisa in the nude? As comical as that might sound, a painting that recently surfaced and is on exhibition at the Museo Ideale in Vinci, the painter's birthplace, suggests this might just be the case.

From Discovery:

The newly revealed painting, hidden for almost a century within the wood wall of a private library, shows a portrait of a half-naked woman with clear links to the famous (and clothed) Mona Lisa.[...]

The lady in the portrait does not exactly resemble the original Mona Lisa, but there is little doubt it has parallels with the painting hanging at the Louvre museum in Paris.

It is, according to the museum's website, the first time the work has been exhibited. Take a look below to see for yourself.

Video showcasing the exhibition.