Nude Beaches: Vacation Rentals That Cater To Nude Tourists (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Nude Getaways!

For those who want to bare all on vacation, finding a place to stay might have gotten just a touch easier., the five-year-old rental site with 120,000 homes to its name, offers rentals based not only on proximity to nude beaches but also preferred rentals for nudists.

So make like your inner German (in case you missed it, they're most likely to don their birthday suits on a beach vacation) and check out these rentals next time you want to get away from it all...including clothes.

Love nude beaches? Check out nude recreationist (and HP blogger) Tom Mulhall's argument for more nude beaches in America as well as our picks for the best nude beaches around the world.

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Merida, Mexico

Nudist Rentals