Nudist Expo 2012: Naturists Gear Up For Las Vegas 'Nakationer' Convention

Do You Need A Nakation?

They say taking a vacation without clothing can be an enlightening experience.

And what better way to dip a toe into the nudist lifestyle than by attending this year's Nudist Clubhouse Nudist Expo 2012 on June 1 and 2 in Las Vegas.

At the expo, attendees will get a chance to speak to organizers and travel agents specializing in nudist retreats, cruises and other adventures.

To assist prospective nakationers, representatives from the American Association for Nude Recreation will be on hand throughout the expo.

While everyone has to cover up at the actual exhibit, they're free to ditch the fabric at the planned barbecue and pool party in the evening, notes USA Today. And with tickets at just $65 a pop, who could resist?

To add the naturist experience, delegates attending the expo also have a designated hotel reserved for them where they're free to wander in the nude. Not surprisingly, the name of the lucky hotel has not yet been revealed.

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