Carolina Foothills Nudist Resort Holds 'Survivor -- Nudist Style' Contest (WARNING: Graphic Photos)

The 21st season of "Survivor," the TV series debuts Sept. 19 and throughout the show's history, producers have tried every possible variation to keep the game fresh.

But a nudist resort in Chesnee, S.C., is doing the game in a way that will never pass muster with CBS censors: A completely naked version.

For the last three years, the Carolina Foothills Nudist Resort has been holding a two-day contest called "Survivor -- Nudist Style," where participants not only outwit, outplay and outlast each other, but they out-naked each other as well.

This year's competitition attracted people from all over the country to compete in challenges such as balancing red balls on square pieces of wood and completing a puzzle underwater as well as water volleyball and beanbag tossing.

To the naked eye, this might seem strange, but the first "Survivor" winner, Richard Hatch, is an avid nudist who walked around in his birthday suit on the show. In addition, other castaways have doffed their drawers for various reasons, mostly strategic.

Unlike the TV show, the winner of the nude Survivor contest didn't win $1 million, just a two-foot tiki trophy, which, luckily, is big enough to cover the privates if the person decides to stay naked when they leave the resort.


Nudist Survivor