Nudists Plan To Walk The Halls Of Congress In Lobbying Effort

Yes, there is, in fact, a contingent of lobbyists for the American Association for Nude Recreation, and they'll be taking their anti-clothes cause to Capitol Hill this week.

The American Association for Nude Recreation issued a statement lamenting the lack of a "nude beach in Washington," but vowing to take full advantage of their well-established "'beach head'" on Capitol Hill."

"We're bringing another team of volunteers in from across North America to walk the halls of Congress this week," notes AANR's Executive Director Erich Schuttauf. "But we also have active members living in the DC metro area who engage officials all year long. So it's also as if we never leave."

"We're committed to active participation in the political process. It's a long term commitment," adds Schuttauf.

According to AANR, more than 40 million Americans have skinny-dipped. But how do you spot nudists in and about the nation's capitol? They're dressed in business attire so it's not easy at first. There are subtle clues, however. Some wear buttons that say "Nudist and I vote!" or "It's Hip to Skinny Dip!"

They also come bearing (baring?) small giveaways such as emery boards, window decals, and packets of sunscreen with clever messaging. They're fun ways of introducing topics that are serious business for the nudists, who are also equipped with policy statements and information on Nakationing - nude vacationing.

Among the AANR's goals on the Hill this week -- talk to legislators about a recent internet regulation bill that could "inadvertently affect nudist websites and businesses."

In January, the AANR bared its body of political activism by endorsing controversial full-body scanners, saying that "Airport Scanning that 'Takes It Off' is Good for America."