Nugtella, Weed Nutella By Organicares Medical Dispensary Is Real (PHOTO)

No, seriously. It's real.

Hey, guys. To be 100 percent clear, we're not suggesting anyone do anything illegal, no matter how much you love Nutella. However, it is our duty as responsible food porn providers to at least alert you to the existence of Nugtella -- that's right, we're talking about weed Nutella. Made by Organicares, a medical marijuana dispensary in San Jose, CA, Nugtella combines hash oil with the luscious chocolate hazelnut spread we can't stop talking about.

So, to be clear, we are talking about the single most munchies-inducing property on earth, being combined with one of the most munchies-satisfying properties on earth. The call is coming from inside the house.

We are quite certain that this isn't really Nutella-sanctioned, but we're also pretty certain that some of you are going to be excited about this stuff. Of course, you can only get this if you are a California State Medical Marijuana Card holder. If you are, we really want to know what you think.

[via Reddit]

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