Nun With A Chainsaw Clears Hurricane Irma Debris Like A Pro

“There was a need. I had the means. So I wanted to help out,”

A nun in West Kendall, Florida saw a car nearly go off the road while trying to avoid a tree that had fallen due to Hurricane Irma. So she found a chainsaw and got to work. 

On Tuesday, an off-duty Miami-Dade police officer spotted Sister Margaret Ann of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School clearing debris from the road. The officer took a photo and a video of the nun in action.

In an interview with CNN, Sister Margaret Ann told host Erin Burnett why she decided to pitch in.

“There was a need,” she said. “I had the means. So I wanted to help out.” 

Sister Margaret Ann added that other locals saw her working and also participated in clearing the debris. 

“It became a really good community project,” she said.



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