Irish Nun Shows Off Silky Soccer Skills In Heavenly Kickabout With Cop

Watch out Cristiano Ronaldo!

This nun’s smooth soccer skills are simply divine.

A sister from the Dominican order enjoyed a glorious kickabout with a local cop in Limerick, southwest Ireland, last weekend.

Video shows Garda O’Connell, from the Henry St. Community Policing Unit, playing a game of “keepy uppy,” which involves juggling a soccer ball off the ground without using hands, with the unidentified nun.

Ireland’s police force, An Garda Síochána, shared footage of the unlikely pairing to its Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Well what can we say, this definitely isn’t something you see everyday,” the force wrote. “We’re not sure who won this time, a rematch will have to be scheduled.”

We can’t wait!

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