Nun Habits: How Women Of The Cloth Express Their Own Personal Style (VIDEO)

How women of the cloth display their own fashion sense.

A few weeks back, I wrote about the practicality of wearing a uniform everyday: How it simplified getting dressed each morning, and how I knew I had a look I could turn to and always feel my most comfortable. Yet, the uniform I created for myself fits within my own personal style ideals. There are others who regularly wear a uniform because it's what is expected of them in their particular line of work. For example, nuns. Some of these hard-working women (the same ones who made me wear a plaid jumper to school years ago) choose to wear a habit on a daily basis.

Today we're spotlighting a short film (made by our friends over at Stylelikeu) about nuns and the ways they distinguish their own personal style. As Sister Anne Delores sagely points out in the video above, "We don't have to tell people who we are. We eliminate all of that just by our dress. They know what we stand for." See how she and other women of the cloth find ways of expressing themselves through the confines of their habit.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated nuns took a vow to wear a habit.

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