‘Nuns’ On The Run After Habit-Wearing Bank Robbers Botch Heist

The FBI is seeking two women who targeted a bank in Pennsylvania.

Two women who were dressed up as nuns when they tried to rob a bank in Pennsylvania are now on the lam after fleeing empty-handed.

The pair donned habits and veils for the attempted armed raid at a branch of the Citizens Bank in Tannersville on Monday.

At least one of the women had a handgun, according to the FBI

The suspects ordered everyone who was inside the bank to put their hands up and one of them instructed a teller to hand over cash, per CBS Philadelphia.

But an automatic alarm was triggered and they ran off. No one was injured.

It’s still not clear whether the pair were actually nuns, or whether they just wore the attire to disguise themselves for the raid.

The FBI has described both women as Hispanic and being between 5 feet and 5 feet, 2 inches tall. Anyone with information should call police on 215-418-4000.



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