Nuns Fight Strip Club With Balloons: Convent Residents Release Prayers, Latest Move In Ongoing Battle

The battle between nuns at a suburban Chicago convent and the owners of a new strip club opening up next door continued Monday when the nuns deployed a new weapon: balloons covered with prayers and messages expressing concern.

The protest, led by sisters and retired nuns of the convent of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo and other concerned citizens, was the latest in a series of struggles between the religious organization and a strip club called Get It that was set to open in April.

The club's opening has been delayed dramatically by road construction along Lake Street, and CBS Chicago's Mike Parker asked Sister Noemia Silva whether she thinks that could be related to their prayers and demonstrations.

“God answers prayers in different ways, whether it’s the construction or what have you,” Silva told the station. “Take it whichever way you like it.”

But Get It is being built just down the street from another strip club, called Scores, and Dean Krone, the village of Stone Park's attorney, has said that while he understands the complaints of the convent and its supporters, he doesn't think blocking the strip club from doing business is "legally possible."

The strip club's owner, Bob Itzkow, has said in recent interviews that while he would not welcome a lawsuit from the convent, he realizes that should it occur, his club would probably benefit from the extra publicity a suit would provide.