This NY Nurse On Coronavirus Front Line Is Boosting Spirits All Over The Internet

A TikTok video of an energetic health care worker is making the rounds on social media. People are calling Nurse Angie "the cutest" and "a hero."

Nurse Angie is giving people hope and inspiration amid the endless stream of dire news about the coronavirus pandemic.

In a now-viral TikTok post, the health care worker shared an energetic video of herself talking about how she just finished a 16-hour double shift at a hospital and didn’t lose a single patient.

“We did an excellent job, thank you. And we’re going to try it again tomorrow,” Angie says with a smile.

Angie didn’t give her full name or identify where she works. Another post on her TikTok page indicates she’s based in New York.

New York has quickly become the epicenter of the coronavirus, with nearly 60,000 cases of the disease and almost 1,000 deaths.

Angie’s upbeat attitude in the face of the struggles of her work has resonated with many people on Twitter and TikTok.

Here’s what some had to say:

HuffPost has reached out to Angie and will update this article if she responds.

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