19 Pet Peeves Every Nurse Will Understand

Saving lives is hard work!

Nurses are pretty much unstoppable, but every so often, they get pissed off like the rest of us. Endless hospital shifts, vomiting patients and not enough time to pee will do that to a person.

To figure out just what makes them tick, we spoke to a number of nurses and rounded up a few pet peeves we've seen circulating on Facebook. Pseudonyms and nicknames were given to protect the overworked and tired.

Without further ado, here are the things that get under nurses' skin the most:

1. "When patients confuse the hospital with a hotel." -- Ruth
No, we can't get you snacks and a bathrobe. But we can get you back to health. How about that?

2. "When you just changed your scrubs and they get dirty again." -- Peg
Shout out to vending machine coffee!

3. "When you forget your ID badge and aren't able to get through any doors for the day." -- Linda
Can someone swipe me in again? Please?
4. "When the hospital makes new rules about not being able to work so many days in a row and it kills your vacation plans." -- Cindy
Barbados, we'll meet again next year.
5. "When you lose your damn pen." -- Ann
It's in some pocket somewhere!
I'm running through the halls for a reason, people!
7. "When people come to the desk instead of pressing the call light." -- Linda
Use the call light and then you will have my full attention.
"Yep I'll be back in a little bit! Yep! Bye! See you soon! Uh-huh. Got it. Bye again!"
9. "When family members try to work around the rules, like sneaking in small children" -- Peg
There are rules for a reason and you aren't the exception!
If you're really at 10, you'd be dead.
11. "When the patient diagnoses themselves with Internet information before coming in." -- Indo
WebMD is not your doctor -- and neither is Google.
12. When someone says, "It's really quiet tonight," and you know that they just jinxed it.
*Fingers crossed.*
13. "When you show someone where to get drinks and they continue to expect you to serve them." -- Cindy
I am not your waiter or waitress, I am your NURSE.
14. "When someone makes an appointment and then doesn't show up." -- Ruth
Oh, just TRY to reschedule your appointment with me now!
15. "When you never have enough time to eat, pee, sleep, etc..." -- Ann
So much coffee, so little time to use the bathroom.
16. "When a patient throws up on you." -- Cindy
NOOOO! That was my "person!"
18. "When patients notify me that a vital sign I'm monitoring is off or a drug I'm grabbing is needed." -- Linda
Trust me, I'm on it. This is my job, remember?
19. "When you realize you have an enormous amount of paperwork to complete." -- Indo
It's so important and yet so time consuming.
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