18 Signs Your Friend Needs A Nutella Intervention

If their eyes start to twitch when they see a jar, they're an addict for sure.

When it comes to Nutella, there are people who love it and people who hate it. And then there are those people whose eyes start to twitch at the mere mention of the chocolate hazelnut spread; who drool uncontrollably when they see a jar; who would probably stab you in the eye if you didn't share yours with them. These people are downright ADDICTS. And we're willing to bet you have at least one of them in your life.

If you've got a friend or loved one whose skin starts to itch when they smell the hazelnut-spiked chocolate, chances are they've got a serious problem. If you're not sure, here are 18 tell-tale signs that your loved one needs a Nutella intervention.

They Celebrate World Nutella Day Like It's Their Birthday
It's Febuary 5th, and they'd never let you forget it.
This Is Their Life Motto
Etsy: KeepCalmAndBuy
They Think A 35 oz Jar Is A Single Serving
You can't trust these fiends with a jar of Nutella.
They Keep These Packets On Their Person At All Times
And in their car. And their desk drawer. You know, just in case.
They Own This Cellphone Case
Etsy: CasePapa
And if they don't, you probably should get it for them.
Or This One
Etsy: RogueDezigns
But really, they probably have both. (If not, they definitely want it.)
They Wish She Was A Real Jar Of Nutella
Etsy: TheCostumeCafe
Costumes are cute and all, but why tease an addict?
The Idea Of Finger Biscuits Made Them Giddy
Paolo Ulian
The thought of being able to stick their hands in the Nutella jar without having to worry about hygiene or shame almost made their heads explode.
They Offer To Lick Your Fingers When This Happens
Flickr: veggietothemax
Don't ever let them. They're like vampires with blood -- you can't trust them.
This Very Sight Puts Them In A Catatonic State
via im-free29200.tumblr.com
It's. Just. Too. Much.
All They Want For Christmas Is This
Flickr: MacGeekGrl
Don't get it for them! They're sure to OD.
They've Made This Recipe
Gingerbread Bagels
And This One
The Little Kitchen
Of course an addict wants to drink Nutella with a straw.
And Of Course, This One
Flickr: Kumquat
The Nutella crepe cake gives them the excuse to eat 10 crepes with Nutella AT ONCE.
This Is Their Idea Of A Night Out On The Town
Flickr: badjonni
At this point, you know they're in DEEP.
Don't Bother With Diamonds, This Is The Only Jewelry They'll Wear
Etsy: Foodjewellerydirect2
Hey, at least you're saving money.
This Has Been Your Halloween Costume For The Past Five Years
Flickr: TOF2006
Because they got down on their knees and begged.
When You Spot This, You Know You'll Find Them Weeping Nearby
Flickr: jazzijava
A finished jar of Nutella is a hard thing for a junky to deal with. It's time to get help.

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If you don't want to help them, you can at least make them some Nutella recipes.

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