Nutella Breakfast Cereal Is The Perfect Start To Every Morning

Cocoa Puffs meet Nutella -- and good things happen.

There are many great ways to eat Nutella for breakfast: baked into cinnamon rolls, swirled into banana bread, whisked into pancakes, stuffed in French toast. The list goes on and on. And we just found one more idea. This one might be our favorite and sneakiest way to eat the addictive chocolate hazelnut spread in the morning: as breakfast cereal.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

What you're looking at is the beautiful union of Cocoa Puffs and Nutella. This Nutella-spiked homemade version of our favorite kids cereal is crispy. It's chocolatey. It's wonderfully hazelnut-y. And it is in no way part of a balanced breakfast. But it's Nutella cereal.

Emma of A Beautiful Mess came up with this creation, and we are now basically ruined for life because we will never eat another healthy breakfast again. But who cares, because NUTELLA CEREAL. Get the recipe over here.

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