Nutella's 'Breakfast Tour' Promises Free Samples And Chocolate Hazelnut Goodness Nationwide

"Enjoy Nutella hazelnut spread as a tasty breakfast option for your kids," reads an entry on about Nutella's new nationwide "Breakfast Tour," which aims to promote the product as a great breakfast choice.

Although it's clearly made to look like it was written by one Nikki Katz, the entire entry has the look of a press release. It's equally unbelievable that Nutella, which only recently came out on the losing end of a class action lawsuit that concluded parent company Ferrero was disingenuous in regards to the product's health benefits, can expect to sell itself as a good breakfast option.

Not that Ferrero is claiming it's healthy; the word "health" is noticeably absent from all promotional materials. Perhaps it's recent memories from the lawsuit that are behind the relative lack of fan fare beyond Facebook for the tour, which as Gawker puts it, is launching "ever so quietly."

But, whatever troubles Nutella has had in the health department, we'd be remiss not to mention that it's freaking delicious. If you're of the same mind, the Nutella Food Truck is dispensing free samples of Nutella, bread and waffles all along its route. It makes its second stop in New York City September 29 through October 5. After that, it's headed to Philadelphia, D.C., Atlanta and beyond. Click here for the full tour schedule.

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