A Nutella Café Swirls Into Chicago And Our Hearts This Month

🎶 "Ooh heaven is a place on Earth." 🎶

There’s a twinkling of light shining upon us during these dark times, and it’s lit with the glow of chocolatey, hazelnut-y, spreadable goodness.

That’s right, folks, a Nutella café swirls into Chicago on May 31 to fill the industrial jar-sized holes in our hearts with Nutella-stuffed croissants, Nutella fondue, Nutella sandwich cookies, Nutella crêpes and... you get the point.

A menu that Eater obtained shows the café will offer savory dishes, along with some items not served with Nutella (the horror!) Disappointingly, nowhere on the menu is “one giant jar with a spoon,” to be found.

The café is the latest in a recent trend of specific food-focused restaurants, and we can see the Instagram fodder developing now. Move over, Brooklyn’s avocado-everything joint.

The Chicago Tribune reports stepping inside the café feels like you’re walking into an actual jar of Nutella. And really, isn’t that what we all deserve right now?

We’ll wait here while you book a flight to Chicago.

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