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The Nutella Of Etsy: All The Ways To Show Your Love (PHOTOS)

People really go nuts for this stuff -- here are some more ways to show your adoration.

There are few products on earth with the instant visual recognition of Nutella. The chocolate-hazelnut spread has always been a hit since its release in 1964, but lately its popularity seems to have skyrocketed. We're talking Nutella tattoos here, guys. People really go nuts for this stuff.

If you love Nutella, but aren't quite ready to devote a section of your skin to it, there are still plenty of ways to show your Nutella love. Just like the pizza swag, cake jewelry and hot dog gear we've scrounged up in the past, we found a Nutella gold-mine on Etsy. From bookmarks, to phone cases, to fine art, Etsy can help you show Nutella just how much you love it.

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Nutella Swag On Etsy