Nutella Lawsuit: Ferrero Settles Class-Action Suit Over Health Claims For $3 Million

Nutella To Pay Out Millions In Class-Action Suit Over Health Claims

Well, it turns out that eating everything slathered in nutella isn't the healthiest thing for you.

The manufacturers of the chocolate-hazelnut spread, Ferrero, have agreed to a $3 million settlement in a lawsuit calling foul on the product's purported health benefits.

If you were led to believe such claims, which is what a new class action lawsuit alleges, you may be entitled to some cash. The suit, filed by California mom Athena Hohenberg, invites others who feel wronged by the sugary product to join along.

Of the award sum, $2.5 million will be divided among claimants. It comes to a payment of about $4 a jar for up to five jars, or less as more people hop on the let's-sue-Nutella bandwagon. (Put in your own claim here.)

Court documents say that Hohenberg decided to take legal action when she realized the Nutella she'd been feeding her four-year-old daughter was "the next best thing to a candy bar." She'd been convinced the hazelnut-chocolate spread was healthy by ads and product labels that seemed to suggest as much.

In addition to shelling out some hard cash, Ferrero must now change Nutella's labeling and some marketing statements. It'll also have to scrub television ads and their website clean of any misleading health claims.

Watch one Nutella ad below for yourself below. Do you feel deceived?

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