How To Turn A Sad, Empty Jar Of Nutella Into The Best Sundae Ever

How To Turn A Sad, Empty Jar Of Nutella Into The Best Sundae Ever

One of the saddest occurrences in many home kitchens is opening the jar of Nutella tucked away in the back of the cabinet only to realize that it is, in fact, nearly empty. It was once a gloriously full jar, rich with delicious possibilities, and now it looks like this:


We know, saddest sight ever. But we're here to tell you that the depleted jar pictured above is actually a blessing. That sad, empty Nutella staring you down is in fact the perfect bowl for building a sundae. Can we get an AMEN?

We saw this idea floating around online and we had to try it for ourselves. From one Nutella addict to another, you should know that this is truly a transcendental experience to be tried at least once -- if not every single time a jar bites the dust.

nutella sundae

Here's how to make the magic happen:

  • Eat a jar of Nutella. (Hard work, but someone has to do it.)
  • Get your favorite ice cream, whipped cream, and fixings.
  • Scoop ice cream into the emptied jar. Be warned, it is bigger than it looks. We were able to fit four hefty scoops into a 13-ounce jar.
  • Top with fixings like chopped hazelnuts, sprinkles or even more Nutella.
  • Give it a generous garnish with whipped cream.
  • DIG IN.

As you eat the sundae, the spoon scrapes away the last bits of Nutella wedged into the curves of the jar and it. Is. Glorious.

Nutella sundaes forever!

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