Texting GIFs To Your Friends Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

If you've ever been scrolling through countless numbers of emoji and feel like a still-framed character just can't effectively communicate your boundless emotions, you're in luck.

A free new app called Nutmeg (available only on iPhone) makes it a whole lot easier to send a GIF to your friends. No longer will you need to go through the complicated process of saving GIFs on to your iPhone; opening up Nutmeg will do the trick.

The selection of GIFs available on Nutmeg are broken down by categories that will periodically change according to world events (there's a "World Cup" category right now, for example).

As of this writing, the other categories are "So Excited," "Oh Hello," "Hahaha," "Ugh Fail," "Awesome," "Rude," "Seriously?!" and "When You Don't Know What To Say But You Need To Say Something." So you get the idea.

After you choose your category, you'll see a list of GIFs, like this:

nutmeg app

Tap a GIF once to see it play, or twice once you want text it to someone. The app then pulls the GIF into your iMessage, setting it up for you to easily text it:

nutmeg app

You've been able to text GIFs on your iPhone for a while now, but doing so required saving the GIFs in your phone's photo album. Nutmeg skips that step entirely.

The major downside to the app (besides potentially forgetting how to communicate using the English language) is that texting GIFs takes up a lot of space on your phone. When you send someone a GIF through Nutmeg, it doesn't save in your Photo app, but the GIF does stay in your iMessage, taking up valuable storage space.

To keep your iPhone running smoothly, we suggest periodically going through your iMessages and deleting the photos, videos and GIFs in there.

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